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How to use our email subject line generator

If you’re not great at writing professional emails, you could easily spend hours figuring out the best subject line that will get the recipients to click through. That’s why we created this AI email subject line generator. 

The WriterBuddy email subject line generator uses Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing algorithms to create attention-grabbing subject lines in seconds.

Sample AI generated email subject line
Sample AI-generated email subject line – via WriterBuddy

1. Write your product or service name

In the “Product/Service name” textbox, input your brand’s name. This step will help the AI generator make a relevant and memorable email subject line. 

Product/Service name tool - WriterBuddy email subject generator

2. Write an email description

Email Description textbox - WriterBuddy email subject line generator

Include the highlights you want to see in the subject line within the “Email Description” textbox. The generator will use these brief points to decide how to format the subject line.

Check the Email subject line best practices section below to see how to customize these points. 

3. Select a language

Language picker - WriterBuddy email subject line generator

Below is a “Language” field that lets you choose the language for the email subject line. Our email subject line generator has over 20 languages to choose from. 

4. Specify how many results you want

The “Output” field below lets you select how many different subject lines you want to generate. The cold email subject line generator can give you up to 10 results at once, but you only need about 3 outputs. So start with 3, and if you want more variations, you can always click “Generate Email Subject Lines” again.

"Output" and "Generate Email Subject Line button" - WriterBuddy email subject generator

5. Generate email subject lines

Click “Generate Email Subject Lines” to view results on the “Output” section on the right side of your webpage. 

Email subject line generator results - WriterBuddy email subject line generator

Each result has a copy and star icon on the top-right corner. Use the copy icon to save the subject line to your clipboard. And use the star icon to mark a subject line as a favorite. These subject lines will appear in the “Favorites” tab, where you can compare and pick the best.

Check the “How to pick a subject line for your email” section below for tips on choosing the best subject line.

Email subject line best practices

1. Personalize your subject line

Humans can differentiate between generic subject lines and personalized ones. Many readers mark generic ones as junk, and you can avoid this by knowing your email recipients and creating subject lines that feel personal. The easiest way to personalize an email subject line is to include the recipient’s name. 

Personalized subject lines get 29% more open rates. Personal subject lines contain information like the reader’s name, location, and interests. 

Specify your recipient’s name in the “Email Description” textbox; the AI generator will add the name in the subject line. The image below example shows how:

Personalizing an email subject in the WriterBuddy generator

2. Use power words

Power words are persuasive words like “last chance” that trigger an emotional response. When using power words, appeal to emotions like:

  • greed (e.g., 15% discount)
  • fear (last chance)
  • need for approval (jump on the latest trend)
  • curiosity (bizarre)
  • exclusivity (only available to first 10 subscribers)
  • guilt (I haven’t heard from you)
  • anger (what most sellers don’t want you to know)

Look at this list of power words for more inspiration. 

Specify the power words to include in the email subject line generator within the Email Description. For example, you can write, “Use the word instant.”

Power words example - WriterBuddy email subject generator

3. Be brief

You only have a few seconds to grab your reader’s attention. So keep your subject line short and have the main message (the reason why they should open the email) within the first 25 characters

While our subject line generator does a good job simplifying your message in the fewest characters, you can also specify the number of words you want in your subject lines. For example, you can write “a maximum of five words” in the Email Description.

Limiting words in email subject line generator

4. Use numbers in the subject line

You might have already noticed that popular publications like topics like “10 tips for…” A study found that numbers in subject lines get a 45% higher open rate than average.

If your email contains a list, specify the total number of items in the subject line. You can tell WriterBuddy to mention that number in the subject line by adding it to the “Email Description” textbox. 

For example, writing “10 must-watch movies” will prompt the generator to include that number in the subject line. 

Adding numbers to subject line

5. Use emojis

Emojis took over messaging because they easily convey facial expressions, gestures, and tone of voice. You can use them in email subject lines too. 

For example, one case study found that email subject lines with “lips” emojis on Valentine’s Day got a 24% read rate compared to the 20% read rate for text-only subject lines.

WriterBuddy keeps up with this trend by creating subject lines with emojis. You can prompt the email subject line generator to use emojis in the “Email Description” textbox by simply writing “use emoji.” It will choose relevant emojis based on the tone you want to portray. 

Using emoji in email subject line generator

How to pick a subject line for your email

1. Choose a subject line that shows urgency

Urgency is an important emotion that makes readers feel like they will miss out. Remember when we spoke about power words? Look out for the ones that express this feeling.

Urgency in email subject line

2. Choose a subject line that shows the action needed

A good subject line communicates what your reader needs to do at a glance. In this example, the subject lines tell the reader to subscribe and read the email further to learn more. 

Generated email subject line examples - with CTA

3. Choose a subject line that shows an offer

Everyone loves discounts, sales, and bargains. An offer is more likely to persuade you to enter a store. 

Prioritize a subject line that communicates an offer right away. The subject lines below, for example, show what a reader will get before they open the email. 

autogenerated email subject lines with offer

4. Choose a subject line with an optimized length

Different devices display different subject line lengths. Mobile devices show up to 30 characters of the subject line, and desktop email clients show up to 60 characters. You want to avoid truncation that could remove the most important part of your subject line. So keep your subject lines between 5 and 70 characters. 

What’s an example of a good cold email subject line?

Look at some effective cold email subject lines.

  • “Grow Your Email List 99% Faster: How One Site Did It” by AWeber got 541% more responses this campaign.
  • “Tell President Obama: Stop your indiscriminate spying on Americans” by Credo Action got 92% more responses.
  • “Under $10 Holiday Gifts” by Jeanne Jennings got 69% more revenue than the control subject line. 

Why are email subject lines important?

Clear email subject lines increase response rates

One study found that many people are overwhelmed by the email traffic they receive. Overloaded readers open emails less, thus low response rates.

A clear email subject line breaks through this barrier. It creates interest in readers skimming over their emails. When they quickly see what your email has to offer, they’re more likely to open it and take the next step. 

You can use the email subject lines to spark curiosity

Readers receive many emails a day, and prioritizing them becomes fundamental. Researchers found that curiosity is one way people determine which emails to open first. An email subject line that uses words that spark curiosity could move the needle for your email campaign. 

Your subject line could make the email memorable 

When you utilize power words that resonate best with your recipient, your email could have a lasting impact. A memorable email subject line means readers think about and even talk about your email. 

Your subject line can also influence offline purchases because readers keep thinking about it. 

Write eye-catching email subject lines with WriterBuddy AI generator

Ditch boring email subject lines that have low response rates with WriterBuddy. Our email subject line generator is free and creates unique subject lines that follow best practices. It is very easy to use and generates up to 10 variations of your email subject line in seconds. 

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