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Best practices for a job description

While there are many potential candidates, the job description helps you get the most relevant job applications. It should show the role’s title, preferable skills, duties, and other relevant details like how soon the candidate should start the job.

The best practices for a job description are avoiding gender-coded words, differentiating necessary and desired skills, and noting the benefits of working with your company. 

1. Use inclusive language 

Make your job descriptions more inclusive by eliminating gendered words like ninja and rockstar from the titles. Replace them with clear titles like sales representative that don’t turn off some ideal candidates. Gender-coded words can decrease the number of women applying for an open position.

Sample inclusive job title
Source: Indeed

You can also mention that you don’t discriminate against anyone.

Inclusive job description
Source: Indeed

2. Differentiate desired skills from necessary skills

Desired skills can add value but are not a “must-have” from the candidate. Clarify the necessary skills from the desired skills to encourage applications from diverse candidates. Let them know that you support learning and have room for growth.

Desired and Necessary skills in job description'
Source: LinkedIn


3. Mention the benefits of working in the company

Benefits such as paid sick leave, health insurance, and childcare subsidies will attract your preferred talent. You can also include company culture to establish a realistic role preview.

Company Benefits in Job Description
Source: LinkedIn

Why are job descriptions important? 

A well-drafted job description helps candidates determine whether they fit a position so that employers can receive the most suitable applications. Employees will understand the company’s expectations and hence work efficiently. 

Employers can also hold employees accountable for the role’s expectations, performance, needs, and decisions.


What is the most important part of a job description?

The salary range is the most important part of a job description. 61% of candidates from a LinkedIn Study say that compensation is what matters the most. Qualifications and job details followed with a 49% score.  

How do I make my job description stand out?

One way of making your job description stand out is to include the benefits of working in your company. It can encourage people to apply for the position, and once they get the job, it boosts retention. 

How long should a job description be?

Short job posts (less than 300 words) perform best. A job post should balance being concise enough to keep the candidates’ attention and long enough to provide important information. 

Use the best generator for your next job description 

When you need help framing your job descriptions, let our AI job post generator help you attract the best candidates. The Job Description Generator is easy to use and generates descriptions in seconds. 

You only need to enter the following details;

  • Job Position
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With this, you will create a well-drafted job description that is inclusive and attracts the best talents.

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