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How to use the YouTube Tag Generator

Looking for the best tags to use for your YouTube video? Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

WriterBuddy’s AI-powered YouTube tag generator simplifies the process by analyzing your title and suggesting tags based on the keywords you used. 

With just a few simple steps, you can harness the power of AI to create tags that help you reach your target audience. 

So, how do you generate video tags for YouTube?

Step 1: 1. Input Your Video Title

Ensure the video title includes important keywords that describe what your video is all about. Think about who‘s in the video, what they’re doing, where, when, and how.

For example, Khaddi Sagnia & Fatima Diame Long Jump Highlights in Budapest 2023.

2. Click “Generate YouTube Tags”

Our advanced AI algorithm will analyze your title and generate tags that relate to the keywords you used in the title.

If you provide a single keyword, the tool uses AI to generate common tags associated with the keyword. If you want more specific tags, add more details to your title.

The right tags, combined with other smart YouTube SEO tactics, can make a difference in growing your audience.

How do I find good tags for my YouTube video?

Using a YouTube tag generator is the first step to using video tags to your best advantage. Once you have a YouTube tags list, use the tips below to choose the best tags. 

  1. Besides your main keyword, include tags that feature variations of the keyword(s) that describes your content. Consider synonyms, related terms, and alternate phrasings that users might search for. These variations broaden your reach. For example, a video about “Quick and Easy Vegan Recipes” could have tags like Easy Vegan Meals, Quick Plant-Based Dishes, and Snack ideas.
  2. Ensure your tags directly relate to the content of your video. Misleading or unrelated tags may lead the wrong audience to your video, which beats the point of adding tags in the first place. If you can tell the video’s content by reading your tags, then you’re good to go.
  3. Find popular YouTube videos that are similar to yours and have significant views. If their tags align with your content, include them in your list of tags. This strategy tells YouTube that your content relates to a trending topic, which may help more people discover your video.
  4. Include a mix of both broad and specific tags. The broad tags capture your video’s category, while specific tags delve into the details. For instance, if your video is about “how to do a shoulder press,” use tags like “fitness” and “workouts” alongside specific exercise-related tags like “shoulder press.”
  5. Use 2 to 3-word tags that succinctly describe your video. For example, if your video is about healthy breakfast ideas, use tags like “breakfast recipes.”
  6. Have your target keyword in the first tag you post. For instance, if your video is about the Women’s World Cup 2023, make sure “Women’s World Cup 2023” is your first tag.

How many tags should I use on Youtube?

YouTube allows you to include up to 500 characters for your video’s tags, which translates to roughly 15-20 tags, depending on their length. While there’s no strict rule, we recommend using 10-15 relevant and well-chosen tags. Also, using too many tags can break YouTube’s rules against spam. So focus on quality over quantity and start your list with the most important keywords (keywords that describe your content exactly), and list the rest in order of importance.


What are YouTube tags? 

YouTube tags are keywords or phrases that creators add to their videos to help describe their content in all possible ways. These tags provide additional context to viewers and YouTube’s search algorithms.

Why are YouTube tags important for video optimization? 

Tags allow you to provide more information about your video, which enables YouTube to show your content in relevant YouTube search results. 

How are YouTube tags different from hashtags? 

YouTube hashtags (words with a ‘#’) categorize a video with similar (and sometimes trending) videos, helping you reach more viewers. Plus, viewers can find your video by searching for the hashtag. On the other hand, YouTube tags allow you to add more information about your video. For example, you can add common misspellings of your video’s content.

What does the YouTube tag generator do? 

WriterBuddy’s YouTube tag generator uses Artificial Intelligence to study your video’s title and produce related keywords and phrases that match your content. This tool can also suggest keyword variations that might not be in your title, helping enhance your video’s discoverability.

Why use a YouTube Tag Generator? 

Using a YouTube tag generator saves you time and introduces appropriate and relevant tags for your video. When you run out of ideas, turn to a YouTube tag generator.

What is the best YouTube tag generator? 

WriterBuddy’s free YouTube tag generator is one of the best tools for generating effective tags. Powered by advanced Artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms, it provides accurate and relevant tag suggestions tailored to your video’s content. 

Generate YouTube tags in seconds with WriterBuddy’s YouTube tag generator!

Try WriterBuddy’s YouTube tag generator to simplify your content creation process and reach more viewers.

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