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Our free webinar title generator is ideal for you

When you sign up for WriterBuddy, you get 2,000 free credits to generate unique and captivating titles for your webinars. You only need to describe your webinar’s message in detail in the “Describe Your Business Idea/Core Message” section.

Business Idea section - webinar title generator

For best results, be very specific when describing your content. It will help the AI generate relevant and accurate titles for your webinar.

For example, if your topic is mental health, you can give specific details about your topic. E.g., I want to talk about how social media has affected teenagers’ self-esteem. You can also add the points you’ll talk about.

The webinar title generator will use that information to generate titles that effectively communicate your message.

Tips for generating webinar titles

1. Be specific and informative

An informative webinar title is clear about what the event is about. It helps to attract the right audience and set clear expectations for what attendees will learn during the event. 

For example, instead of a title like “Marketing 101,” a more specific and informative title might be “Social Media Marketing for E-commerce: How to Drive Traffic and Increase Sales.” 

This title gives potential attendees a clear idea of the topic and purpose of the webinar, and it is likely to attract those who are interested in social media marketing for e-commerce specifically.

2. Be creative to communicate your ideas clearly

You should be creative with your webinar titles. For example, you can have a two-part title or a main title and sub-title.

The main title should arouse curiosity (e.g., Blueprint for scale), and the sub-title should clarify the intention of your webinar (e.g., How Workiva gets ongoing results with repurposed content). 

Sample webinar title
Source: ON24

Our webinar title generator easily generates two-part titles when you describe your main topic or keyword. 

AI generated webinar title - webinar title generator

You can also play with the results by combining different elements of different title options to create a unique two-part title that effectively communicates the value of your webinar. 

3. use the “wow technique” to pick the best title

Once you have created your list of webinar titles, assume you are the prospect as you go over the titles. When you read a title that leaves you with the impression of “Wow, I have to check this one out,” go with it. 

Examples of catchy webinar headlines 

Boost webinar signups with these tips

1. Create a landing page for the webinar

A webinar landing page provides all the information that your potential attendees need to know, such as the speakers attending, the date and time of the webinar, etc. It also provides a clear call-to-action that makes it easy for people to sign up for your webinar. 

Sample webinar landing page
Source: Hootsuite

2. Ask the webinar speakers to promote the event

If you have a well-known speaker or expert presenting at your webinar, ask them to promote the event on their social media channels or through their email list. It will increase visibility and attract more attendees. 

3. Use Social Media

Promote your webinar on Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram, depending on where your target audience hangs out online. You can also post on relevant industry forums and discussion boards

Generate converting titles with our free webinar title generator

No more spending hours brainstorming titles that don’t resonate with your target audience. With WriterBuddy’s webinar title generator, you can create original and eye-catching titles in seconds. 

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