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An excellent description generator communicates the importance of your product. And that is what the WriterBuddy product description generator does.

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How to use the product description generator 

An excellent description generator communicates the importance of your product. And that is what the WriterBuddy product description generator does.

Consumers land on a product page wondering whether your product will solve their problem. A good product description explains the product’s features and why they matter, which convinces your target buyer to purchase.

Sample AI generated product description
Sample product description via WriterBuddy

Follow the steps below to use our AI-powered product description generator.

Step 1: Specify your product or service name

Input your product title in the textbox titled “Product/Service name.” Include your brand name here. For example, “Gucci leather shoe.” 

Product name text field - product description generator tool

Step 2: Write your product or service description

Use the Product/Service Description textbox to describe your product’s benefits (how consumers will use your product), features, and value proposition. The information will make up a large part of the description. So make it detailed and super-specific for the product description generator to give the best results. 

While a product description should include details like measurements, materials, and color, you don’t need to include these in your input. That’s because they don’t need any explanation, so you can copy and paste them from whichever source – or use our sentence rewriter to rewrite them if needed.  

For your input on our product description generator, focus on the appealing benefits and features. You can list them as a list, which allows you to go into detail without consuming many characters. 

Product description text field - product description generator tool

Step 3: Select your language

Use the “Language” feature to select the language for your product description. Our AI product description generator offers over 20 languages.  

Selecting the language in product description generator

Step 4: Specify how many variations you want from the product description generator

The “Output” feature lets you decide how many descriptions you want. WriterBuddy can create up to 10 results at a time. 

Output tool - product description generator

Before clicking “Generate Product Description,” proofread your input to remove errors. 

Our product description generator can correct misspellings, but if you want to produce super-accurate descriptions (and avoid wasting credits), you must feed the tool with accurate details. 

Step 5: Review the AI-generated product descriptions

After clicking “Generate Product Descriptions,” give the tool a few seconds. You’ll see the generated product descriptions in the dedicated tab labeled “Output.

Product description generator results

Review the results to find the one that explains your product. 

Go with a description that’s direct and convincing. You can also grab a couple of descriptions that have nice sentences and combine/edit them to create the perfect product description.

Use the copy icon (two combined boxes) to copy the product descriptions to your clipboard. And use the star icon to save nice results if you want to review other options. Saved results will appear in the “Favorites” tab. 

Output and favorites tabs - product dscription generator

Product description best practices

Convincing consumers using descriptions is a delicate practice. Keep these tips in mind while reviewing product information.

1. Understand your target consumer

A good product description speaks directly to a specific buyer’s challenges, goals, and motivations. That is why you should understand your target market and build a buyer persona for the product. 

When you know your target buyer’s gender, age group, and geography, you can explain your product’s benefits to reflect what they value. So the information you use to describe the product within our tool should include words that your target buyer will appreciate hearing. 

WriterBuddy will use the information to describe the product’s features. 

For example, writing “made for gamers” will produce a product description based on a gamepad’s design, lightweight, and responsiveness.  

2. Explore the benefits and features of your product

An interested buyer wants to know how your product will improve their life. Explain how by creating a detailed feature and benefits list. Start with the most impactful benefits, then go down the list of importance.

Information such as “time-saving” tell the generator to create descriptions that show usefulness. If you don’t know where to start, draw inspiration from these examples of product benefits

3. Use words that appeal to the buyer’s emotions

You might have heard the expression people buy on emotions and justify their decisions logically, which Havard professor Gerald Zaltman further cemented with his 95% of our purchase decisions take place unconsciously. That’s why product descriptions should focus on benefits instead of features.

Fortunately, our product description maker can create descriptions that bring enthusiasm, excitement, and curiosity. Include an emotion in the list you input into the generator. 

For example, write “happy” to create an upbeat description. 

4. Simplify your product description

An excellent description is concise. It should:

  • Use simple language – no jargon and “big” words
  • Use lists to display features and benefits – lists are easier to scan 
  • Focus on the most important information – features and how they help

WriterBuddy uses AI to determine an appropriate product information length. By cutting out the fluff, you’ll get results that answer buyers’ questions by describing how the product will help. 

5. Include photos and videos

Photos and videos will capture consumers’ attention before any text. These media can also show consumers how to use your product and various features at a glance. It’s no surprise that 85% of consumers consider photos and videos when selecting products. 

6. Use SEO principles in your product descriptions

If you want your product page to appear among the first on search engines like Google, you’ll need to use keywords that buyers use to search for the product. You’ll need to find and analyze these keywords, then include them in your description so that our product generator tool can pick them up.

Here’s a detailed guide on SEO for product descriptions.

What can the WriterBuddy product description generator do?

Make many product descriptions in seconds

WriterBuddy gives you more ideas to consider with up to 10 results. Need more? Press “Generate Product Description” again to get new descriptions. 

Generate original, plagiarism-free product descriptions

Our AI product description generator guarantees unique descriptions that consumers have yet to read elsewhere. 

Optimize your product description for search engines 

You only need to feed relevant keywords to your description on our tool, and WriterBuddy will include them naturally in the AI-generated product descriptions.


What is a product description?

A product description is marketing text that describes a product’s benefits to help the potential buyer feel what it’s like using the product. 

Product descriptions can be used for informational and promotional purposes, as they explain why potential customers should buy the product and what makes it unique. 

Product descriptions usually include size, weight, material, color, and other details that help customers make an informed purchasing decision. They can also include customer reviews, product images, and other visuals to showcase the product’s features in more detail.

What Is an ideal length of a good product description?

Generally, an ideal product description length is about 50 to 500 words. Product descriptions should be detailed enough to give customers a comprehensive overview of the product while keeping it concise and easy to read. This word count limit allows you to prioritize benefits. 

Can I use the product description for my meta descriptions?

You cannot use product descriptions as meta descriptions. Google search engine cuts meta descriptions at 160 characters. Your product information will not make sense to search engines after the 160-character limit. 

Is this product description generator free?

The WriterBuddy product description generator is free to use. 

Will the AI-generated product description be plagiarism-free?

Our product description generator creates 100% original descriptions. The results will pass plagiarism checks and sound natural. 

Generate converting product descriptions with the WriterBuddy product description generator

Appeal to your buyers with WriterBuddy’s compelling and search-engine-optimized product descriptions. The generator supports over 20 languages and works across all popular platforms. 

When you’re out of ideas or time to create an awesome product description, WriterBuddy is here to help. 

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