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The best call to action generator

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Let our AI call to action generator help you generate a CTA that turns a passive user into an active one!

AI-generated CTA - call to action generator

Tips for creating the best call-to-action prompts

Every sign-up is a result of an effective call-to-action. The call-to-action encourages potential customers to take the next step, like purchasing a product or subscribing.

Consider these tips for creating an effective call to action.

  • Make the call to action clear and concise. For example, “Get My Free Credits.” The call to action should be at most five to seven words. Keep your message to the point, so users know exactly what they should do.
  • Use action words that compel people to take action. Words like “Download now” or “Start my free trial.” 
  • Offer one option per call-to-action. Too many options will overwhelm users and make them more likely to ignore your call to action entirely.
  • Personalize your call to action. Use conversational words that speak directly to your audience and clarify what action you want them to take. For example, a case study found that changing the word “you” to “my” in a CTA boosted click-through rates by 90%. 
Personalized CTA
  • Make sure your call-to-action button is easy to find on the page. It should be clearly visible and ideally placed above the fold so that users don’t have to scroll down to see it.
  • A/B test different versions of your call-to-action to see which one performs the best. A/B testing compares two CTA versions to determine which works better. 

What to consider when selecting a compelling CTA 

Choose a CTA that shows a benefit

Unbounce conducted a case study where they changed a single word, which increased conversion rates by 38.26%. Their original CTA was “Order information,” while the tweaked CTA was “Get information.” The first CTA instructed readers what to do, while the second told them what they would receive. 

Choose a CTA that shows urgency

In another case study, a CTA that read “download this contract now!” got 147% more conversions than one reading “download this contract.” The word “now” implies the reader will miss out if they don’t take action. 

Imply urgency by setting deadlines and creating scarcity in your call-to-action.

Hootsuite call to action
Source: Hootsuite

Specify discounts

What encourages you to spend more than a discount? Indicate your call-to-action value to convince buyers to stop looking around multiple websites for the best deals.  

Shein call to action with discounts
Source: Shein

Examples of effective call-to-actions with proven results

For more examples, check out this comprehensive list of CTA case studies. 

Why is a CTA important?

A CTA (Call-to-Action) is important in marketing because it encourages customers to take immediate action. A good CTA can motivate customers to buy a product, join a mailing list, or sign up for a service. It should be visible and easy to understand so that visitors can easily take the desired action without having to search for it. 

A CTA can also help you track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and measure conversion rates. Having a clear and enticing CTA can make all the difference in turning prospects into paying customers and loyal followers. 

With the right CTA, you can make sure that your marketing messages are reaching the right people and getting them to take the desired action. 

Create a compelling CTA with our free call-to-action generator

Use our free call-to-action generator to boost your conversion rates with AI-generated CTAs.  

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